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Employment Opportunities

Welcome to Calvary Chapel Christian Academy! Thanks for considering a career in Christian Education.  Our faculty and staff have the amazing blessing to share the love of Christ with our students every day!​

Personal Qualifications for Employment
  • All employees at CCCA shall be born‑again Christians.

  • All employees shall be active members of an evangelical church.

  • All Administrators shall be members of Calvary Chapel Snowflake.

  • All employees shall give evidence of good moral character.

  • All employees shall give evidence of adequate physical and mental condition.

  • Applicants shall secure and complete an Application for Employment, which is available at the school's office. The Principal, or person so designated, shall initially interview all prospective employees. The interviewer shall nominate for consideration, to the Administrator, those applicants that he/she feels, after careful evaluation, will best fill the various classified positions. The Administrator will review those applicants and make recommendations to the School Board.

Professional Qualification 
  • Teachers shall have a minimum of a High School diploma or equivalent

  • Teachers shall have 1 year of verifiable classroom experience, paid or unpaid.

  • Teachers shall have had (or be willing to pursue) courses specifically pertaining to the area of Christian education and philosophy.

Spiritual Qualifications for Employment

The employee . . .

  • Has accepted Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior (Romans10:9‑10).

  • Demonstrates a conviction that God has called him/her to become involved in a Christian school ministry (I Corinthians 7:17).

  • Demonstrates a consistent outward evidence of an inward Christian character (I Timothy 4:12).

  • Maintains a regular and contributing involvement in a church having a doctrine which is in agreement with the school's Statement of Faith and which is Scripturally sound in its teaching (Hebrews 10:24‑25).

  • Is convinced of the importance of prayer and a daily time of meditation in the Word of God and actively pursues a relationship with God (Psalm 42:1‑2).

  • Demonstrates spiritual maturity, a teachable spirit and has a clear conscience before God and man (Titus 2:2‑8).

  • Has a workable knowledge of the Word of God, knowing how to feed himself spiritually (II Timothy 3:16, 17).

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